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The weight comes off without any effort, gloji is so much more than that though. 

Chrissi, 27, East Sussex

How does it work?

We give you...

You give us...

Simple, tasty, healthy recipes

Forget restrictive diets and going hungry. Master healthy eating and make meals you’ll love picking from 100’s of simple, tasty recipes.

So much more than weight loss 


eat more fruit & veg


do more physical activity


drink less alcohol


improve their mood


improve their sleep

Use our FREE online gym to improve your health, fitness, flexibility and strength.
With 200+ classes available including pilates, HIIT and Tai Chi, there’s something for everyone.

What our clients say...

This could be you in as little as 12 weeks, enjoying a bright and healthy future.

Free to join

Your local council trust our track record and expertise to transform your life so they pay for your place with gloji.

Spaces are limited so to keep it fair and make sure everyone who joins is fully in, we’ve got some eligibility criteria.

Can I join gloji?

The rules around who can join us vary a little based on criteria like where you live or work and your BMI. 

The fastest way to find out if we’re a match is to sign up and we’ll guide you step-by-step to find out if you qualify for a free place. 

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